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Happy Hour

Real talk: You come into a tap room to have a delicious drink. You're in a cool space with some pretty good people. You're about to meet up with some friends and talk about random. It isn't about an hour of happiness, it's about your state of mine


We believe in the spoken word, the lofty thought. the dreams and the dreamers. We want people to come and be inspired to dream bigger. 

Random nature of life

Sometimes you find someone you care for the day after you quit your job, and sometimes you meet her on Tinder. We aren't promising true love or anything but at least you'll have a beer. 

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Commercial Services Division Starting 10/15

Contact Us: Tell what what Brew you'd like crafted. We're al

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Open for ideas

We're currently building the brew but we love the craft brew community. Hit us up with some of your ideas. We love to talk beer. 

Inception Brew Company

Naperville, IL

(815) 302-5456


Hours of operation change daily based upon numerous factors including: our mood, the weather, where we are at in the brewing process, and most importantly your demand